Delta Sigma Chi Sorority, Inc. was founded by four college women during the fall of 1996. Founder Jessica Meade-Matias was approached by Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity’s co-founder Heraldo Gabriel about the possible creation of a sorority on the City Tech campus. She agreed that there was a need for a group that concentrated on the union of the women on campus and began taking the steps necessary for the creation of such an organization.

Founder Meade-Matias enlisted the help of three other women from some of her classes to help with the foundation of this soon to be sorority. Those three were Amorette Shaw, Mercedes Feliciano, and Tyesha Neely. They wanted to give the women on New York City Technical College campus a place where they could come together and help each other reach their individual goals as well as unite to help better their communities. In addition to aiding each other and our community Delta Sigma Chi Sorority was founded with an intention to expand to other college campuses to give other college women the assistance needed to accomplish their goals in the same way.

Our motto, “Persistence is the key to success in life, our sisterhood is the lock,” was created by Founder Shaw to express that success in life is what everyone wants, our sisterhood holds everything together in order to accomplish your goals.. The sisters of Delta Sigma Chi Sorority are and will always be there for each other, supporting one another. Through our bond of sisterhood you will have all the support and inner strength you need to achieve success.

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