The idea of Delta Sigma Chi Sorority was born on November 27, 1996. Jessica Meade, Amorette Shaw, Mercedes Feliciano and Tyeisha Broughton are the women who made this idea reality. They are known as Delta Sigma Chi Sorority’s “Founding Mothers”. These women where brought together by faith and put their hearts into the foundation of Delta Sigma Chi Sorority. Through hard work and persistence they formed a bond and began a life long journey into sisterhood.

Many obstacles came before them, but they where over come by the strong bond that had developed between the four founders. Since the foundation of Delta Sigma Chi sorority was formed it has grown stronger and better, and continues to do so. All the members of Delta Sigma Chi sorority put their hearts into our beautiful organization. We work hard to better our organization, communities and ourselves.

Today, our members are actively working with Student Life, student government, student clubs and administration. We have come a long way since winter 1996.

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